Norwegian Star - Iceland & Norway Cruise Time Lapses (2022)

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Norwegian Star was built by the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. Construction began on Norwegian Star in 2000 and was completed in mid-2001, with the ship put into service later that year. Originally circumnavigating the Hawaiian Islands since its introduction, Norwegian Star was moved to the Pacific Coast of North America in 2004.

Norwegian Star's gross tonnage (GT) is 91,740. She is 294 meters (965 ft) long, with a beam of 32.2 meters (105.6 ft) and a draft of 8.2 meters (27 ft). Norwegian Star is a Panamax ship and was designed at the maximum size that can be accommodated by the locks of the Panama Canal. Four 14,700-kilowatt (19,700 hp) MAN B&W diesel generating sets power the ship, which can run on either diesel fuel or heavy fuel oil. Propulsion is provided by two 19,500-kilowatt (26,100 hp) Azipods built by the ABB Group, and a set of three 2,390-kilowatt (3,210 hp) bow thrusters. Norwegian Star is equipped with a pair of stabilizers with an area of 8 square meters (86 sq ft) each.

Norwegian Star has a maximum capacity—assuming double occupancy—of 2,348 passengers. When built, Norwegian Star was also one of the few cruise ships built without a casino, something that was prohibited by Hawaiian law; a 900-square-meter (10,000 sq ft) casino was added in 2005 when she was repositioned. Because the ship was ordered by Star Cruises and to be based out of Singapore, the decor and layout of Norwegian Star was meant to appeal to Asian and Australian passenger rather than Americans where she was ultimately based. The Norwegian Star has ten different dining areas.

Baeb Steps - Noir Et Blanc Vie
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Kamogawa Dreaming - South London HiFi
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Robots and Aliens - Joel Cummins
Tempos Vari - Freedom Trail Studio
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West Bad - Jeremy Black
At the Precipice of a Dying Light - Dan Bodan
Loop-Caught - Andrew Langdon
Running Out - Patrick Patrikios
Spenta Mainyu - Jesse Gallagher
The Anunnaki Return - Jesse Gallagher
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0:00 Reykjavík, Iceland Departure
7:20 Midnight Sun
22:05 Bergen, Norway Arrival
35:56 Bergen, Norway Departure
1:02:45 Olden, Norway Arrival
1:22:39 Olden, Norway Departure
1:49:21 Ålesund, Norway Arrival
2:10:39 Ålesund, Norway Departure
2:25:08 Trondheim, Norway Arrival
2:48:33 Trondheim, Norway Departure
3:03:39 Akureyri, Iceland Arrival
3:21:11 Akureyri, Iceland Departure
4:01:14 Ísafjörður, Iceland Arrival
4:14:15 Ísafjörður, Iceland Departure
4:33:06 Reykjavík, Iceland Arrival
5:10:40 Please Subscribe
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