#THISISRUSSIA. EPISODE 4 / Blagoveshchensk / Birobidzhan / Belogorsk / Jewish city / China visa-free

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In the fourth issue, together with our team, you can drop in to Birobidzhan, walk around Blagoveshchensk, look at the tourist cable car under construction directly to China, buy slates in the Chinese market, see how real coffee is produced, and just enjoy the local rhythm of life. Blagoveshchensk is a cozy town. He surprised us with unusual meetings and revelations of residents, and also with an abnormal heat of 40 degrees - this was the first time we saw this during the entire trip. That's really, really, a resort city!

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In this series:
00:00 - project presentation
00:45 - content
01:20 - expectations and first impressions of the team
02:51 - road to Blagoveshchensk
02:59 - we got cut off ... by fans!
03:30 - Seth Rogen, overview of Birobidzhan
03:51 - looking for bones for a dog (s)
04:20 - roads of the Far East
04:34 - Boris's terrible dream
04:57 - hotel made in USSR
05:23 - jokes for 300 from Seryoga
05:42 - Amur embankment, 526 meters to China
05:57 - we have breakfast with cheesecakes in Dodo
06:31 - the excursion starts now
06:38 - Alina Spasskaya and Nina Kadenova, travel blog "Provintsialki"
07:15 - about the Cossack conquerors of Blagoveshchensk
08:05 - Denis about the city
08:21 - watching the production of "DO.BRO COFFEE"
11:19 - walk around the city
11:40 - why is it not Denis in the shot, but three incomprehensible men !?
12:21 pm - Chinese mate on Nina's fan
12:29 - why do they love Blagoveshchensk?
12:58 - Elena Khlamova about Platform 258
13:47 - why does Elena regret moving to Blagoveshchensk?
14:41 - here you can drive to China in 15 minutes and without a visa!
15:58 - about China, culture and goods
16:22 - bargaining for shale in the Chinese market
17:06 - we pass the baton to “Provincials”
17:40 - last minutes in the city
17:58 - new Dodo pizzeria in Belogorsk
18:48 - the most visited pizzeria by the Chinese
19:52 - why is it worth visiting Blagoveshchensk?
20:49 - left for Chita

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