This Crusader Kings 3 Strategy is OVERPOWERED and BROKEN

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We all know how broken and overpowered strategies can become in Crusader Kings 3, but with the addition of legitimacy and legends in the latest DLC, some strategies have now become borderline EXPLOITS! And in this CK3 video I will be showing you one of my favorite ones: The Diplomatic Viking start! A true diplomacy only challenge!

In this glorious Viking conquest, Koifish will be playing as Jarl Björn Ironside! By using the Sons of Lothbrok Legend and the power that the new Legitimacy system brings, we are able to create a massive Viking Empire within just one lifetime! Conquering Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and perhaps all of the British Isles! VERY BROKEN, VERY STRONG!

So is it true that This Crusader Kings 3 Strategy is OVERPOWERED and BROKEN? Only one way to find out!
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