The Powerful Secrets of Viking Science and Technology

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In the rugged and mystical lands of the Viking Age in the peak of the Middle Ages, a fearsome people renowned for their epic voyages and violent raids… dominate the known world. Guided by the stars and driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, the Vikings utilised their understanding of the natural systems around them to navigate the unknown.

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Feared for their proficiency at war, their remarkable achievements in science and technology are all but forgotten, yet these were not merely byproducts of their time but were the foundation of their superiority across seas and lands.

The construction of their longships, capable of both deep-sea voyages and river navigation, were only but a fraction of their engineering prowess. So, how did these intrepid seafarers come to master the arts of metallurgy, astronomy, and navigation, and what secrets of their craft have transcended the ages to inspire awe? From the creation of the sunstone to the forging of Ulfberht swords, made with steel of a quality not seen again until the Industrial Revolution, the Vikings' mastery over their environment and resources was unparalleled. These were not merely tools for survival but symbols of a culture deeply entwined with the forces of nature and civilisations around them.

As the sagas whisper of the skilled hands that crafted Mjolnir and Gungnir, the weapons of Thor and Odin. They also spoke of the All-Father sacrificing his eye in his quest for knowledge: “Odin came there and asked for a single drink from [Mimir’s Well of knowledge], but he did not get it until he had placed his eye as a pledge.” - Gylfaginning, Prose Edda.

Join us as we set sail into the heart of the Viking era, exploring the groundbreaking use of science and technology that propelled a people from the fjords of Scandinavia to the shores of Continents. Welcome to the Chronicles… of the Raven

At this point one might be wondering about the use of science and technology to describe Middle Ages cultures. The Vikings were not only exceptional sailors but also adept technologists and mathematicians of their era. Their sophisticated measuring instruments and understanding of basic math and geometry were fundamental to building boats with straight masts and keels, optimising their vessels for durability and performance. This approach, akin to the trial and error methods prevalent in modern sciences, underscores the innovative spirit and technological prowess of the Vikings. Their skills in blacksmithing, navigation highlight their significant advancement for their time, so while not all cultures lead in every scientific arena, it reminds us to appreciate the contributions of past cultures to the continuum of human knowledge and technology.

Now, everyone knows of the Vikings' power in battle. Everyone knows of the hammer of Thor. But what if the Vikings had a weapon that would be almost impossible to fight against - creating the same perception from their enemies… as they would have to fight Mjolnir itself?

0:00 The Untold Truth Of The Viking Age
1:55 The Viking Swords That Allowed Domination (True or False?)
4:54 Knowledge of Viking Age Blacksmiths & The Meaning of Weapons
8:50 How the Vikings Made the Fastest Ships Alive
12:06 How the Vikings Were the Gods of Navigation
13:36 Architectural Engineering: Simple... but Powerful
16:46 Viking Astronomy: The Meaning of Science and Myth
22:06 The Science and Technology of Global Trade
25:17 Viking Science: Assessing TRUTH vs LEGEND

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