The Last Wild Horses of Europe || Livanjski Divlji Konji || Solo Hiking In The Balkans

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The last wild horses of Europe are found in the heart of the Balkans, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Cincar mountain is only half an hour's drive from the city of Livno, and when you are there, you must not leave without trying Livanjski Sir (cheese ????), which is the trademark of this region.

On mountain Cincar, as the locals say, there are almost 1,000 wild horses, which makes this place next to Mongolia unique in the world. The hiking trail itself and the search for horses is a separate adventure that you must not miss if you are traveling through Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Wild horses freely galloping across vast prairies is an experience that can hardly be described, so I hope that this video of mine will convey at least a part of this beauty.


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I would especially like to thank "Adventures of Livno" as well as "Livnoquads_wildhorses" for providing the SUV as well as the professional guide.

If your journey brings you here, entrust your adventure to them for a complete adventure experience.
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