ROPE SWING!!! Port Clinton Pavilion, Pulpit Rock & The Pinnacle - Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike - Ep33

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In this episode we wake up early at the 501 Shelter where we ordered pizza the night before with Sweet Tart, U-Haul, Player 1, and Highlander. After crossing over the 1,200 mile marker (less than 1k to Katahdin woohoo!!) we come across a swimming hole and a rope swing. After scoping it out we swing on it and go for a refreshingly cold swim for a while before hiking on to the Eagle's Nest shelter. The next morning we wake up and hike 9 miles into the town of Port Clinton. The last mile into town is a 1,000 ft drop straight down, probably the steepest descent of the trail so far. We walk down the street to the pavilion, a shelter maintained by the local church where hikers are allowed to sleep (although I heard they stopped allowing hikers to stay there after 2021). There isn't much in Port Clinton so we take a shuttle to nearby Hamburg to a huge plaza with a Walmart, Cabela's, and most importantly, an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. After resupplying we head back to the pavilion where we spend the night. The next morning we head over to Frank's Barbershop. Frank is super friendly to hikers and lets us hang out in his shop, charge our electronics, and even gives us snacks and pulled pork sandwiches! As always we drag our feet leaving town and get on the trail around 2pm. We climb up to Pulpit Rock, an impressive view, but we were more occupied by the rattlesnake in the rocks right next to us! Hoping to make it to a shelter by dark we hike on until we get to The Pinnacle. Unable to pass up the view we stop for a while until the sun is almost set. We hike the rest of the way in the dark and make it to the Eckville shelter where we finally get a shower (there were none in Port Clinton). The shelter is on a road and has a caretaker who lives there full time, so it's a nice place to stay and well worth the night hiking!

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