Piper PA-28: The Turning Point

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Welcome to "PA-28 Cherokee: The Turning Point" - a deep dive into the incredible evolution of the Piper PA-28 Cherokee series!

In this video, we'll take you back to the 1950s when Piper made a significant impact on the entry-level airplane segment with the PA-20 Pacer and PA-22 Tri-Pacer. Despite their traditional designs, these aircraft offered remarkable performance and economic manufacturing.

Discover how Piper recognized the need for a modern, all-metal aircraft to compete with Cessna's Model 170, and their journey from attempting to acquire a design from Mooney to ultimately creating the groundbreaking Cherokee.

We'll explore the innovative features that set the Cherokee apart, from its low wing design to the wider cabin, simplified construction, and all-flying stabilator. Learn about the development of various Cherokee models and their enduring popularity.

Stay tuned for the fascinating story of the Cherokee Six and the creation of the PA-32 Cherokee Six, as well as the introduction of the retractable-gear PA-28R Arrow.

Join us on this journey through aviation history as we uncover the secrets behind the Piper PA-28 Cherokee series and how it became a symbol of reliability and versatility in the world of light aircraft. Don't miss this turning point in aviation – watch now!
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