Paper Waste Baling Press Machine For Sale In Pakistan Tcm Baler Waste Paper Cartons Press

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Please find details of waste cardboard/occ/carton box baling press machine:
Diloya Eco-Tech,, mainly manufacture hydraulic baler machine, hydraulic shear machine, shredder machine and granulator machine, and machine details as bellows:

1.Fully automatic waste cardboard box/OCC/ONP baling press machine,
2.Vertical carton box baling machine, plastic pet bottles compress machine.
3.Metal scrap baling press machine, steel wire compress baler machine.
4.Aluminum chips/shavings briquetting press machine, copper turnings/swarfs briquetting press machine.
5.Wood shavings bagging press baler machine, silage bagging baling machine.
6.Wiping rags bagging press baler machine, waste clothes/second hand clothing/old clothes baling machine.
7.Plastic lumps/pipes shredder machine, plastic scrap blue shredder machine.
8.Metal scrap shredder machine, double shaft shredder machine, wood pallet shredder machine.
9.Plastic lumps granulator machine, plastic barrels crusher machine.
10.Hydraulic shear machine for heavy metal scrap, copper cable wire shear machine.

If you have any requirement, please feel free to contact with us, we can suggest you best and economical solution accordingly.

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