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The Ottawa Senators have been penalized for their role in the botched Evgenii Dadonov trade with the Vegas Golden Knights and the Anaheim Ducks from last year.


This video is taking place after the 2023 NHL Entry Draft, and after the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The 2023 NHL Draft 1st Round went as follows:

1st) Chicago Blackhawks, Connor Bedard
2nd) Anaheim Ducks, Leo Carlsson
3rd) Columbus Blue Jackets, Adam Fantilli
4th) San Jose Sharks, Will Smith
5th) Montreal Canadiens, David Reinbacher
6th) Arizona Coyotes, Dmitri Simashev
7th) Philadelphia Flyers, Matvei Michkov
8th) Washington Capitals, Ryan Leonard
9th) Detroit Red Wings, Nate Danielson
10th) St. Louis Blues, Dalibor Dvorsky
11th) Vancouver Canucks, Tom Willander
12th) Arizona Coyotes (from Ottawa Senators), Daniil But
13th) Buffalo Sabres, Zach Benson
14th) Pittsburgh Penguins, Brayden Yager
15th) Nashville Predators, Matthew Wood
16th) Calgary Flames, Samuel Honzek
17th) Detroit Red Wings (from New York Islanders via Vancouver Canucks), Axel Sandin Pellikka
18th) Winnipeg Jets, Colby Barlow
19th) Chicago Blackhawks (from Tampa Bay Lightning), Oliver Moore
20th) Seattle Kraken, Eduard Sale
21st) Minnesota Wild, Charlie Stramel
22nd) Philadelphia Flyers (from Los Angeles Kings via Columbus Blue Jackets), Oliver Bonk
23rd) New York Rangers, Gabe Perreault
24th) Nashville Predators (from Edmonton Oilers), Tanner Molendyk
25th) St. Louis Blues (from Toronto Maple Leafs), Otto Stenberg
26th) San Jose Sharks (from New Jersey Devils), Quentin Musty
27th) Colorado Avalanche, Calum Ritchie
28th) Toronto Maple Leafs (from Boston Bruins via Washington Capitals), Easton Cowan
29th) St. Louis Blues (from Dallas Stars via New York Rangers), Theo Lindstein
30th) Carolina Hurricanes, Bradley Nadeau
31st) Colorado Avalanche (from Florida Panthers via Montreal Canadiens), Mikhail Gulyayev
32nd) Vegas Golden Knights, David Edstrom

This video is also taking place after 2023 NHL Season, and after the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs, where the Vegas Golden Knights defeated the Florida Panthers in the Finals.

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