NORWAY or ICELAND? Similar or Totally Different? Which Nordic Country you prefer?

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Iceland or Norway? Both are two interesting Nordic countries. But are Norway and Iceland the same? Or totally different? Let’s compare Iceland to Norway and find out how similar… or different they are ????

00:00 Iceland vs Norway
01:39 Can you drink tap water in Norway and Iceland?
02:12 Prices in Iceland
03:05 Reykjavik city centre
03:21 Coffee prices: Norway vs Iceland
04:17 Architecture: Norway vs Iceland
04:56 Working Hours: Norway vs Iceland
07:09 Are people in Scandinavia speak English?
08:25 Wi-Fi in Iceland. Wi-Fi in Norway. Infrastructure in Scandinavia
09:06 Norwegians vs Icelandic
10:24 Environment in Norway and in Iceland
11:16 My favourite place in Reykjavik or Icelandic Church
11:27 Are Norwegian and Icelandic languages the same?
12:49 Norwegian and Icelandic are still very similar

‼️ Best restaurants in Reykjavik:
Sjávargrillið ???????? ????

Welcome to Iceland! Welcome to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland ???? and today let’s compare ICELAND and NORWAY! They both are Nordic countries in Scandinavian region. But are Iceland and Norway the same? Or totally different Nordic countries?

Drinking water in Iceland and Norway - YES! In both Iceland and Norway you can drink water from the tap!
Icelandic and Norwegian tap water are clean, fresh and drinkable! Save your money in Norway and Iceland and never buy bottled water in Nordic countries.

Is Iceland expensive? Is Norway expensive?
Which Nordic country is the most expensive? Why is Norway so expensive? Why is Iceland expensive? Let’s find our!

Reykjavik is a capital of Iceland and it’s city centre is so beautiful? Have you ever been to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland?

Coffee prices in Norway
Coffee prices in Iceland
What is more expensive Norway or Iceland?

Norwegian Architecture and Icelandic Architecture: are they the same? Let’s compare Reykjavik style with Oslo style!

Working Hours: Norway vs Iceland
How much people work in Norway? How long is working day in Norway? What’s the salary in Norway? Working hours in Norway. Office hours in Norway
How much people work in Iceland ? How long is working day in Iceland? What’s the salary in Iceland?
Salary in Scandinavia. Salary in Nordic countries. Working hours in Nordic countries

Do people in Norway speak English?
Do people in Iceland speak English?
Are Norwegian and Icelandic languages the same? Do Norwegians understand Icelandic?
Do Norwegians understand other Nordic languages?

How good is infrastructure in Iceland? Is Wi-Fi good in Iceland? Is the internet good in Iceland?can I get work in Iceland if I travel to Reykjavik?

Norwegians vs Icelandic

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