Hiking to a Remote Bothy

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00:00 Hiking to the bothy
00:44 Water in the burn
01:12 Arriving at the bothy
02:16 The Bothy

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Luib Chonnal bothy is a bothy managed by the Scottish Mountain Bothies Association. More here www.mountainbothies.org.uk . They maintain simple shelters in remote areas of the Highlands. I've stayed in many over the last 30+ years but had never visited this one near Glen Roy in the Central Highlands. They are very simple shelters, often restored from former blackhouses and shepherds' houses. I hiked here on a cold November day and, yes, the fire really was lit when I arrived. A couple had just left. Later that evening some friends joined me for my birthday. They're not in the film because the jollity didn't fit the peaceful vibe I was trying to capture!

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