ETS2 Longest Delivery (Morocco to Indonesia) Africa to Asia | Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 taking the longest delivery ever recorderd from Tétouan (Morocco) all the way to Jakarta (Indonesia). Driving through 20 countries in 3 continents (Africa, Europe & Asia) delivering dry milk with the new generation MAN TGX 2020 using camera mirrors.

This trip takes us from the beautiful scenery of Morocco, through the beautiful coast regions of France and Spain, the rural balkan roads of Croatia and Serbia, to the endless deserts and mountainous scenery of Central Asia. The different scenery & climate in every continent and country make this trip an absolute unique experience. Bad Weather, Traffic jams, Idiot Drivers and Near Accidents - Everything is present in this trip.

In total it took me 12 hours and multiple in-game weeks to complete this 20000 kilometer long trip. It was an absolute joy and I can only recommend it to everyone to start doing longer deliveries as well!

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Artlist, LTD.

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⏱️ Timeline:

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:07 Morocco
00:22:58 Spain
00:32:43 Seville
00:55:04 Idiot Bus Driver
00:59:22 Valencia (City)
01:17:22 Barcelona
01:25:38 France
01:34:43 Montpellier
01:39:53 Marseille (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur)
01:54:33 Nice
01:59:56 Italy
02:03:01 Genoa (City)
02:11:57 Rural Countryside - Italy
02:25:11 Venice
02:40:32 Slovenia
02:44:20 Capital City Ljubljana
02:47:16 Croatia
02:54:32 Zagreb
02:58:18 Rural Countryside - Croatia
03:13:53 Serbia
03:28:12 Capital City Belgrade
3:36:15 Rural Countryside - Serbia
03:50:27 Bulgaria
04:00:04 Rural Countryside - Bulgaria
04:20:23 Romania
04:29:38 Capital City Bucharest
04:37:59 Rural Countryside - Romania
04:59:53 Iași (City)
05:09:11 Moldova
05:18:38 Ukraine
05:22:11 Odesa (City)
05:26:45 Rural Countryside - Ukraine
05:55:24 Donetsk (City)
06:05:37 Russia
06:28:02 Volgograd (City)
06:43:00 10m Break
07:04:15 Saratov (City)
07:32:12 Kazakhastan
07:37:50 Uralsk (City)
08:02:38 Atyrau (City)
08:51:26 Caspian Sea Road
08:56:01 Turkmenistan
09:14:59 Balkanabat
09:22:16 Rural Countryside - Turkmenistan
09:31:09 Offroad Challenge
10:14:38 Uzbekistan
10:41:29 Mountainous Scenery - Uzbekistan
10:56:47 Tajikistan
11:00:59 Capital City Dushanbe
11:08:59 Mountainous Scenery - Tajikistan
11:25:04 Kyrgyzstan
11:34:23 China
11:43:25 Dalian Ferry Port
11:45:25 Indonesia
11:57:50 Credits
11:59:39 Outro

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