Class 104 - English for Travel Course - Making Travel Plans Speaking Practice with Native Teachers

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???? Welcome to Day 4 of High Level Listening's English for Travel Speaking Course! Today, we're diving into practical applications of your newly learned travel phrases, blending them with your personal experiences to craft your own sentences. Perfect for anyone looking to enhance their travel English with real American and British nuances.

???????????????? Your Instructors:
Kat: The American voice of High Level Listening.
Mark: The British voice, ready to provide side-by-side comparisons of American and British English usage.

???? Today’s Focus:
Phrase Application: Learn to integrate travel phrases with personal experiences to create authentic, engaging sentences.
Interactive Practice: Mark and Kat will demonstrate how to use phrases in varied contexts, enhancing both your listening and speaking skills.

???? Special Features of Today's Class:
Custom Sentences: Follow along as we construct sentences using phrases like "We booked our trip," "We're flying out," and more.
Accent Training: Choose to practice with an American or British accent to fine-tune your pronunciation.
Engagement Activity: You're encouraged to share your own sentences using today's phrases in the comments!

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???? We Want to Hear From You:
Which travel phrase did you find most useful today? Try creating a sentence and share it in the comments below. We love seeing your progress and are here to give feedback!

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Thank you for joining Day 4 of our English for Travel course at High Level Listening. We’re excited to help you speak English more confidently on your next adventure!
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