8lb Icelandic Monster Viking Fried Chicken Burger Challenge in Reykjavik Costs $150 If You Fail!!

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American professional eater Randy Santel versus The Gastro Truck's 3.5kg Icelandic Monster "Gastro Viking" Fried Chicken Burger Challenge w/ 500g of chicken "Dirty Fries," hosted by The Gastro Truck located inside Mathöll Höfða of Reykjavik, Iceland!! My girlfriend @KatinaEatsKilos and I left on a multi-month European summer food challenge tour and our first stop was Reykjavik, Iceland so that we could celebrate Katina's 32nd birthday and each attempt 2 huge and delicious Icelandic eating challenges around the greater Reykjavik metro area. For Iceland competitive eating challenge #1, we headed to a local food hall called Mathöll Höfða where The Gastro Truck is located, owned by our Icelandic friend Linda, so we could each attempt and help kick off The Gastro Truck's new 8lb Icelandic Monster "Gastro Viking" Fried Chicken Burger Challenge!! There was just a 1 hour time limit to feast on a massive fried chicken burger that featured more than 1kg of their signature battered fried chicken breasts and thighs. The chicken was served over a bed of salad and topped with lots of "healthier" yogurt sauce, all on a custom made bun that weighed almost 1kg (2.2lbs) as well. The challenge included a ~500g side of "Dirty Fries" topped with fried chicken tender pieces and lots more, including a few different tasty sauces. The Viking beer in the video was just optional and did not need to be finished within the 1 hour time limit. I was trying to win my 20,000 Icelandic króna (ISK) massive chicken burger meal free plus a sweet t-shirt and a spot on The Gastro Truck's Wall of Fame!! BIG thanks to Linda and everyone with both locations of The Gastro Truck in Reykjavik, Iceland for the wonderful food, drinks, beers, and hospitality!! Special thanks also to all our amazing friends who came up that Sunday afternoon to watch and meet us!! We appreciate everyone in Reykjavik and around the island of Iceland who watches videos and supports our hard efforts!! There is just one more Iceland man vs food challenge video upcoming with @KatinaEatsKilos that features our friend @Hafthorjulius and I hope you all enjoy it!!

In this video, I'm going for my first food challenge victory in the country of Iceland which was new country #40 for me!! Just 10 more to go until I reach my goal of having eating challenge wins in 50 unique countries!! Thank you everybody for your continued, much appreciated support!!

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A&Z #1196 - Can American professional eater Randy Santel conquer The Gastro Truck's 3.5kg Icelandic Monster "Gastro Viking" Fried Chicken Burger Challenge w/ 500g of fried chicken "Dirty Fries," hosted by The Gastro Truck located inside Mathöll Höfða of Reykjavik, Iceland??

This Icelandic restaurant food challenge video was filmed on Sunday, July 9, 2023 (7/9/2023).

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