The Life Cycle: Travel Writing as Dr Kate Rawles

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Dr. Kate Rawles is an Outdoor Philosopher, Writer, Cyclist and activist who is using her love for epic journeys to communicate on environmental issues. Her upcoming book, The Life Cycle, sets our focus on Biodiversity as she bikes from Costa Rica to the southern tip of South American. Kate Joins us from here home in Northern England to discuss everything from what she left academia become a full time Environmental Activist and Travel writer! For more information about the Adventures of Dr. Kate Rawles and her writings visit her website or find her on Twitter @CarbonCycleKate For all show info, blog articles, and other information visit

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Time Stamps
00:00:00 Pre-Show Notes
00:04:00 The Life Challenge of balancing Academia and Activism
00:06:15 Evolving Awareness of Existential issue sin the World of Adventure
00:08:37 How Tradition Adventure Narratives has been instrumental in the environmental crisis
00:11:37 Why approaching Adventure by Bike is innately unique?
00:14:36 Adventure Plus! Adventure With a Purpose
00:19:00 Adventure as an Engaging way to communicate on Environmental Issues
00:20:06 The Carbon Cycle Journey across North America
00:24:00 Kate’s Adventure Writing process
00:26:55 Traveling alone vs. Travelling with a partner
00:30:31 Dealing with Deadlines, Destinations and Fear of missing out while on Journeys
00:34:08 Dreaming of a trip with no end!
00:37:12 The Life Cycle: Newest Book and Journey through South America 00:38:01 BioDiversity in South America
00:42:20 Projects Kate visited on her journey through South America 00:46:44 How can someone prepare for such a journey?
00:47:51 Why ride a bamboo bike?
00:49:30 Logistic of where to stay?
00:51:33 Wildlife, Food and Camping on the South America Trip
00:52:59 Vegetarian eating in North America vs South America
00:55:07 Transatlantic Travel on a Carbon Diet: Cargo Ship Cruising! 00:59:32 Overall representation of Environmental Issues in 2021 vs 2006 01:02:10 How to Contact Kate 01:04:00 Post-Show reflections
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