Nordkapp - NORTH CAPE, Arctic Circle, Land of Midnight Sun & Northern Lights. #mushabbar #nordkapp

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Eight (8) reasons to travel to the North Cape during the summer.
Northernmost point on the European mainland.
Arctic Circle and the Land of the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights
Norway's Northernmost City
Nordkapp Vlog

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1: Midnight sun - Winter in the Northern part of Norway can be quite challenging. Despite of the dark and tought winter, the inhabitants of Magerøya get thrilled when the midnight sun returns. Explore the midnight sun at the North Cape from the middle of May to the end of July.

2: Meet the locals from Magerøya - People from Magerøya are something special. If you stay over a period of time, you might experience to get invited in on a cup of coffee by the locals because of their curiosity. The locals on Magerøya are proud of their town and the North Cape has deep root in their hearts. The population are genuine and direct.

3: City- life - Honningsvåg is a charming town because of the many unique stores lined up in the main street. Combine shopping with a good meal in a local restaurant and enjoy the company of the playful and kind inhabitants.

4: Fishing villages on Magerøya - Fishing is a very important industry on Magerøya and originates from our beautiful fishing villages. There are four unique inhabited fishing villages on Magerøya; Skarsvåg, Gjesvær, Kamøyvær and Nordvågen.

5. Historical Magerøya - Finnmark was the area hardest hit during World War II? Imagine Germans evacuating locals away from the island, looting and burning down all buildings, except one. Honningsvåg Church was saved by the Germans, and the church sits deep in the hearts of the locals to this day.

5: Naked nature - Driving the highway to North Cape? Then we can guarantee wild and beautiful nature as far the eye can see. The driveway to Magerøya is truly a breathtaking journey. The nature on Magerøya consists of a rugged and rocky landscape. #Nakednature

7. Wildlife - Get up close to the unique wildlife. You might think that reindeer only exists at the North Pole? That’s not quite true. Like you, the reindeer also spend their summer holidays on Magerøya.

8. The iconic North Cape - For over 300 years, people from all over the world have traveled to the North Cape to experience the northernmost point on the European mainland. Many personalities have taken the arduous journey north - kings, princes, adventurers and expedition and adventurers. Even for the locals, it is something very special to stand at the end of the world and look beyond the horizon. Do not miss a trip into the North Cape Hall.

Hiking and camping
24/7 Midnight Sun: Arctic Circle receives 24 hours of sunlight each summer, but 24 hours of darkness each winter.
Midnight Sun Sweden
24 hours of daylight
Country Of Midnight Sun
Walking in the suburbs of Kiruna

ABISKO: The village’s northern Sámi name Ábeskovvu means “the forest by the great water”, where “the great water” refers to Scandinavia’s largest mountain lake Torneträsk.

Weather Patterns in Arctic Circle
Visit Norway
Varmt välkommen in till Beauty & Style
Climate Change may be Normal Phenomena

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