7 TIPS TO SURVIVE WINTER IN DENMARK: How to Thrive in Danish Winter

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7 TIPS TO SURVIVE WINTER IN DENMARK: How to Thrive in Danish Winter
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In this video, we give you seven tips to survive winter in Denmark. This is our fifth Danish winter, so we've picked up a few pieces of advice as we've adjusted to life in Denmark as foreigners. This video also includes suggestions for things to add to your home, wardrobe, or lifestyle to make it through the Danish winter.

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Intro - 0:00
Prepare - 0:37
Make a Hygge Home - 2:27
Stay Active - 3:33
Be a Tourist - 5:09
Get Outside - 6:32
Travel - 7:59
Get Hygge - 9:28
Final Thoughts - 11:02

Danish Winter Survival Tip #1: Prepare yourself
Take vitamin D to reduce seasonal depression, use hand cream and buy a good jacket and boots. We also recommend a wake-up light for an alarm to simulate sunrise as you wake up!

Danish Winter Survival Tip #2: Make your home into a nest
Lighten up your home in the darkest days of winter. Don’t be afraid to invest in your home to make it feel cozy, even if you are just renting a room. Candles, comfy blankets, a warm cup of coffee, and good music can make you feel happy even in the dead of winter!

Danish Winter Survival Tip #3: Stay active
As easy as it is to sit on the couch from Christmas to Easter, you still need to stay active!
Winter is a good time to stay fit by working out in a gym, swimming, or playing indoor sports like badminton. Less into athletic endeavors? Find indoor clubs like knitting or card games.

Danish Winter Survival Tip #4: Be a tourist in your own town
Explore museums, grab a book or sit in a new cafe - just get out of the house and check out a town or neighborhood you wouldn’t regularly go to. With tourists gone you can take your time in peace to explore museums or try a new restaurant.

Danish Winter Survival Tip #5: Outdoor time is important!
Bundle up and go for a walk, either through the city or out in nature. Danes claim cold air is good for the lungs and it helps break up the monotony of sitting at home and watching Netflix on the couch. It also makes that warm cup of coffee or tea all the better to warm up! And if you are a true viking, you can try winter bathing and jump into the sea!

Danish Winter Survival Tip #6: Escape Denmark!
Danes are some of the world’s most avid travelers, and winter is no exception. Many Danes will take a ski holiday, or look for some winter sun, but beware that prices are much higher during the school holiday (week 7 of course). There's no shame in getting away for a week, plus it gives you something to look forward to!

Danish Winter Survival Tip #7: Get Hygge
Making a hyggeligt night is how you survive Danish winter! A few friends, board games, candles, and some bottles of wine make for a perfect night. Take advantage of a slower period to hang with friends and family with fewer distractions while everyone is in town.

Final Thoughts
The key is also to remember that summer is just around the corner and Danish summers make the winter worth living through!
Keep a positive mindset that this is the time of year to recharge and self-care so you can be ready for the craziness of summer!

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