10 Most Isolated Communities At The End of The World!

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From an island of mutineers with a questionable gene pool to a remote city with a strange obsession, here are ten of the most isolated communities at the end of the Earth.

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10: Pitcairn Island
Pitcairn Island is probably the strangest remote place on earth. This is probably the most outrageous story from any isolated community in the world. Let's start with the island itself, which is located in the absolute middle of nowhere somewhere between New Zealand and Peru.

9: Changtang
The Changtang Plateau is a trip back in time. This place isn't exactly a settlement, but it is kind of a community. It's also not really at the end of the earth. This is more like the earth 10,000 years ago before human society.

8: Supai Village
Supai Village in Arizona is one of the only places that is accessible by helicopter alone. The only other way to reach this village is by walking up an 8-mile (12km) trail from the nearest road. Otherwise, you need to drop in army style.

7: Tristan da Cunha
Tristan da Cunha is a tiny settlement located in the middle of the South Atlantic. It's considered to be one of the most isolated communities on the planet. The closest neighbor to this tiny town is at least 1200 miles (1800km) away.

6: Longyearbyen
Longyearbyen is one of the most distant towns from anywhere. It's located in Scandinavia and is so far north that it's closer to the North Pole than it is to the capital of Norway. As you can imagine, being that close to the North Pole means you're going to be dealing with very cold temperatures throughout the entire year.

5: Iqaluit
Iqaluit is one of the smallest capital cities in the world. It’s the capital of the Nunavut Territory in Canada, home to about 7,700 people, and it’s only accessible by taking a small jet from either Montreal or Ottawa.

4: Palmerston
Palmerston is another nearly vacant island far from anywhere at the end of the world. It was first settled by an Englishman about 150 years ago named William Marsters, and today there are an estimated 62 residents living on the island.

3: Whittier
Whittier is one of the most isolated towns in all of Alaska, which itself is pretty isolated in the first place. It really does feel like the last bastion of civilization, with the mountains towering far above the town.

2: Coober Pedy
Coober Pedy isn’t exactly at the end of the world, but if you were to visit this place you might feel that the world has already ended. This is a hidden city buried in the middle of the Australian Outback, and it doesn't get much more isolated than being trapped under the ground.

1: The Desolation Islands
With a name like the Desolation Islands, you definitely expect it to be at the end of the world. And yes, these islands are indeed about as far as it gets from civilization. They are located in the Indian Ocean, just east from the tip of South Africa and slightly north from Antarctica.

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