Civ 6 | The Art Of HUGE Capital Yields, Go Big I Say!!! – (#1 Deity Khmer Civilization VI)

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In this game of Civ 6, we’ll be playing as Jayavarman’s Khmer, and the objective today was to explore Sukritact’s Khmer conversion mod in Civilization Six!

The premise is simple. Khmer has been tweaked with a whole new aqueduct and a bunch of rebalanced abilities, now focusing on internal trade. Can I recover a start that doesn’t quite go to plan and push out?

All maps, mods and tech support on getting these games to work are available on my discord, so swing by! If you want to help plan this series, consider becoming a channel supporter using the links below.

Find the full playlist here:

00:00 – Hello & Welcome! Game Explain
02:01 - Turn 1
05:57 - Terra Meribalailaislehd (How I Say It)
09:54 - Famous Last Words
14:06 - Normal Sometimes Feels Like Such A Let Down
17:51 - Twenty Pop Is The Aim!
21:48 - Autocracy, I Never Thought I Would See The Day
25:49 - Some Of You May Die...
29:54 - Votey McVoteFace

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