Russiа wоrkеd оut thе dеstruсtiоn оf а grоuр оf 40 NATO shiрs in thе Bаltiс Sea

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In response to NATO's provocative actions, Russia practiced a strategic bombing strike against a group of 40 Alliance ships.

NATO's provocative exercises, taking place in the waters of the Baltic Sea, were disrupted by the flight of a pair of Russian strategic bombers Tu-160 "White Swan", which, having taken off from an airbase near Saratov, quickly entered the airspace over the Baltic Sea, demonstrating to the North Atlantic Alliance its readiness to act radically to protect their borders and territorial waters.
According to the data available to the editorial office of, two Russian strategic Tu-160 bombers were accompanied by Russian Aerospace Forces Su-35S and Su-27 fighters, which prevented NATO aircraft from taking any dangerous actions against Russian aircraft.
As follows from the information provided by the Telegram-community “Hunter's Notes”, which specializes in collecting and processing information about flights of Russian military aviation, the flight of Russian bombers along this route was planned.
“Two strategic missile carriers Tu-160 performed a planned flight over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea, accompanied by Su-35S and Su-27 aircraft. At certain stages of the route, Russian strategic missile carriers accompanied fighters from Italy, Denmark and Sweden. "- said in the message.
It should be noted that the flight of the Russian Tu-160 could also be a response to the actions of the US strategic aviation, in particular, earlier the American B-52 bomber flew near the Russian borders, using the airspace of NATO countries.
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