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AARON TICE & D OPEN LINDBERGH’s CLONING CLINIC @ 0:00:00—1:55:09 , D RIPS A CHAT-ʼÉḎŌMITE A NEW ASSHOLE w / ROMERO SAM & YOUNG BRANDO @ 1:55:09—2:27:40 , INTRODUCING “REALTECH” @ 2:27:40—2:46:00 , PETER MOON IS LIVE FROM RÔUMÂNIA @ 2:46:00—4:22:22 , REALTECH TIME @ 4:22:22—6:30:44 , MONKEYPOX INFERNO @ 6:30:44—7:14:01 , GÊŌKNIGHT @ 7:14:01—8:59:30 , COMPREHENSIVE MONOLOGUE @ 8:59:30—FĪNIS : 臺北-剑杆 (“TÁĪPBĚĪH-JIÀNGĀN” or THE “TAIPEI RĀPIÈR;” See the Historic & Nonfictional “VAMPHYROLOGY : THE VAMPIRE RESEARCH PAPER;” published 2020 – Order From AMAZON-DOT-COM @ https://www.amazon.com/Vamphyrology-Vampire-Research-Douglas-Dietrich/dp/B08NWWK9CX ; Visit WWW.DOUGLASDIETRICH.COM )* HOSTS DUSK-‘TIL-DAWN LIVESTREAM ‘O’ “CRITICAL OMISSIONS” AMID 中元鬼節 (“ƵCHUṐNGGYUÁN-GUǏJIÉ [‘CHINESE GHOST FESTIVAL’];” see https://holidappy.com/holidays/chinese-ghost-festival-origins-facts); DIGITAL TRANSMISSION PROMOTING THE HISTORIC NONFICTIONAL “THE ROSWELL DECEPTION AND THE DEMYSTIFICATION ‘O’ WW—II (Order From WWW.AMAZON-DOT-COM @ https://www.amazon.com/Roswell-Deception-Demystification-World-War/dp/1937859231).”

* Light at Opportune Angle as captured in the Photographic Image E(lectronically)-mbedded In-“Thumbnail”-‘o’-Livestream exposes THE M(ISTE)R DOUGLAS DUANE DIETRICH’s Д‘трăцконски (“D‘trăckonski” / “Dietrichonic” or “Draconian”) Bloodline – The 爬虫類 (“Hachūrui,” or “Serpentfolk”) Who Gifted Humanity The नाग नाग (“Nyāgás,” or “Superserpents”) Who have e’‘er Spiritually Guided Humanity’s Path Away From The Darkness and into 昭和 (“Shōuwa,” or “Enlightened Peace”),† obviously having inherited the ocular trait-in-question from his Wombmatrón DIANNA 林蘇錦 (“LÍN SŪJĬN” : “BRIGHT-WOODS” or “FOREST-‘O’-BROCADE”) / 高林秀子 (“TAKABAYASHI HIDEKO,” or “SPLENDID CHILD”) DIETRICH – Who Graced Our World By Her Divine Presence CAD / Circa Annō Dominī XII.V.MCMXXIII, Leaving Us Amid This Vale-‘o’-Tears CAD III.XIX.MMXI; Murdered – via Her Imperial Bloodline viś-à-viś The 九州王朝 – Kyūshū-Ōchō, literally “Nine Provinces Dynasty,” sic – whilst ambiently capturing the quite genuinely real Φαινόμενόν (“Phænómænón, or “Manifestation”) of “Alexandria’s Genesis (see https://mywayteens.wixsite.com/myway/single-post/2016/04/28/Strange-diseases-Alexandria%E2%80%99s-Genesis-Purple-eyes and confer http://www.the-next-tech.com/future/alexandrias-genesis-what-is-it-side-effects-and-symptoms/)” : A Genetic Variation (in-disambiguation from “Mutation; see https://doctor.ndtv.com/living-healthy/alexandrias-genesis-purple-eyes-fact-or-fallacy-1809290”) in Heterochromatin wot manifests itself conditional Ambient Light (see https://alexandriasgenesisblogger.wordpress.com/) as visually enhanced in-effect by Distichiasis as Inherited in both Cases by The Mr Dietrich from his True Biological Sire–either The Late & Sainted Three-War (World War II, Korea & Việt-Nám) Veteran GEORGE JOSEPH HENRY DIETRICH, CPO (Chief Petty Officer), USN (United States Navy), RET(ired, Rṓmãn-Catholic Conservative, born Annō Dominī 10/23, 1919 Commonal Èræ—decadent Annō Dominī 03/26, 2007 Commonal Èræ; Thanatiƶed) or ADOLFUS-JACOB HITLER (both of whom Evidently, in the full meaning of said term, Manifested Same Traits; which be why the colours–sic, in-plurality–of The Historical Hitler’s Eyes hast ne’‘er been determined)

† सर्वोच्च-बुद्ध सिद्धार्थ गौतम (“SAMMYAKSĀṂBUDDHA SIDDHĀRTHA GAUTAMA” or THE “SINGULARLY ENLIGHTENED GOAL-ACCOMPLISHED LIGHT-IN-DARKNESS;” 釈迦-बोधिसत्व / “BODHI ŚHĀKYAMUNI” or “ŚCHĀKRA-AWAKENED” in Nīhõ̞ŋŋgo̞ – The “Japanese-Language” – BC°AChN : Birthed Circa Antechristum Natum / Latin, literally “Born As Approximated Precedent Christóús’ Deliverance” DLX—CDLXXXIII / 560—480 ANCÈ : Avant Notre Commonal Èræ; Français, literally “Between Four Hundred and Eighty to Five Hundred and Sixty Years Prior Our Common Era,” as approximated – confer “ARCHÆOLOGIST’S DISCOVERY PUTS BUDDHA’S BIRTH 300 YEARS EARLIER” @ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/dec/01/buddha-birth-archaeology-nepal-durham —DC°AChN : Decedent Circa Antechristum Natum; Latin, literally “Died As Approximated Precedent Christóús’ Deliverance” CDLXXX—CDXI / CD or 480—411 / 400 ANCÈ; “Between Four Hundred to Four Hundred and Eleven Years through Four Hundred and Eighty Years Prior Our Common Era,” as approximated; having survived multiple successive – sic, at least three as Recorded – Historically Acknowledged Abortive Assassinations prior ultimately succumbing to the last, sic) Himself is Said to have been ‘o’ Serpent Lineage.”

~ “THE POPULAR RELIGION AND FOLKLORE ‘O’ NORTHERN (आर्यन / ‘ĀRYAN;’ literally ‘ÈTHNOWARRIOR’) INDIA, VOL(ume) II (‘o’-2; published 1896),” By The British Orientalist WILLIAM CROOKE ‘o’ The Most Eminent Order ‘o’ The Indian Empire and Fellowship ‘o’ The British Academy (birthed 1848—decedent 1923 – The Very Birthyear ‘o’ DDD’s own Late-and-Sainted Siress DIANNA SŪJĬN-LÍN DIETRICH; see scribd.com/read/187420926/The-Popular-Religion-and-Folk-Lore-of-Northern-India-Vol-II-of-2)
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